Bizon Design strives to create graphic solutions that
identify, clarify and enhance your message.

I understand that your unique situation might demand
a look that is clean and polished, fun and whimsical,
or something in between. Whether your organization
is looking for a new or updated logo, branding, a printed brochure, magazine or annual report, or a web design –
I'll work with you to create an image that speaks to
your client.

With over 15 years of experience, I continue to enjoy
the creative process. Bizon Design has a handful of
talented, trusted people to call on when your project
requires writing or editing, photography, or printing.
During the creative process, I'll walk you through your
project – from concept through print or web production.
Bizon Design is also proud of it's reputation for solid work
that's on time and on budget.

Please look through our portfolio and call or send an
email message if you have any questions or would like a
quote on an upcoming project.

Lisa Bizon-Carroll